Great Shoe Insoles for Running

If you’ve been looking for shoe insoles for running then look no further.

blonde-girl-running-photo“I’ve been a runner for most of my life, but just started running longer distance races in the last few years, including my first marathon last year. I’m currently training for my second marathon and have started using the LiquiCell insoles in my running shoes. I’m very pleased with their performance! I’ve gotten more comfort without compromising cushioning and shock absorption. In fact, I ran a half marathon last weekend and didn’t experience any issues with shin splints as I had in the past.” ?— Melanie, Bloomington, MN

shoe-insoles-boxWalk on Water Insoles with LiquiCell provide stability and relief of discomfort.

LiquiCell Insoles for running help reduce feet, knees, hips and back problems. LiquiCell acts to dissipate forces and lubricate at point of contact. See how Liquicell works LiquiCell Video

You can also use these insoles for all your activities… Walking, Running, Tennis, Hiking, or even Dancing without any more foot pain!

LiquiCell Insoles greatly surpass those offered by other comfort technologies, such as gels, foams or air, which break down over time or require maintenance. More importantly, medical and scientific evidence proves that while gels, foams and air do provide some relief of discomfort though perpendicular pressure reduction, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress.

You can place the Walk on Water insoles on top of your existing insoles that are in your running shoe. Since, these insoles are very thin, it should not affect the fit of the shoe. Just make sure you trim the insoles to your size.


LiquiCell Insoles are thin yet so effective, they reduces shear friction and fatigue, equalizes pressure, improves blood flow by 150%, thin, liquid filled membrane mimics the body protective mechanism, the bursa sac.

Walk on Water Insoles have liquid filled membrane strategically placed at the ball of the feet and heel. This thin, liquid filled padding is designed to relieve discomfort in the heel and metatarsal areas. When placed between the shoe and a point of pressure on the foot, it helps reduce soft tissue damage by relieving stress, improving blood circulation.

This is also quite different than some liquid filled insoles, which have the liquid circulating back and forth from heel to front, which gives you an uncomfortable feeling and can affect the stability and balance of the shoes. The challenge with gel insoles is that they take too much room and the consistency of the gel tends to be thick, which in turn causes a tight fit which can hamper circulation.

Now, with our Insoles with LiquiCell you can go about doing your normal activities and get relief from not only foot pain, but also get relief from pain in the knee, ankle and hip. When your body is relaxed, you don’t tend to lean heavily on one side to compensate from the pressure points you may have on other point.

LiquiCell is also currently use in a wide variety of products like our Extended Comfort Seat Pad and LiquiCell Shoe Inserts, in car seats in various models of Toyotas, gardening gloves, bedding pads, high end office chairs by Recaro, long distance trucking seats, bicycle seat and many other products.

Experience walking on a very thin layer of water! Walk on Water Insoles are designed to improve comfort and reduce fatigue over time.

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